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Nalagandla: 8019643543


Best Laptop Service Center in Nalagandla, Gachibowli

We are furnished with latest facilities and well-experienced technicians to renovate your devices at a faster pace. The experienced team of professional technicians specialized in overhauling Desktop, Laptop & Mac. is committed to help you here in Nalagandla, Gachibowli.

Here’s what we can help you with:  Laptop/Desktop Diagnostics

  • Hardware & Software
  • Motherboard Chip Level Services
  • Memory & Software Updation
  • Body & Hinge Updation
  • All Parts Replacement
  • Data Recovery

Our Services

  • Replacing the laptop’s backlight
  • Cleaning the laptop from dust
  • Replacement of thermal pad of laptop
  • Cleaning the laptop after flooding
  • Replacing the laptop batterу
  • Replacing laptop screen
  • Repair and replace the video card in laptop
  • Repair of the cooling sуstem in Laptop
  • Replacing the hard drive in laptop
  • Repair laptop motherboard
  • Replacing laptop keуboard
  • Replacing laptop speakers
  • Replacing the memory of the laptop
  • Windows installation
  • Cleaning the laptop against viruses
  • Installing software in laptop
  • Upgrade your laptop
  • Recover laptop data
  • Re-flashing bios in laptop
  • Replacing laptop cooler
  • Replacing laptop Processor
  • Cleaning laptop keуboard
  • USB port replacement in laptop
  • Repair laptop power supplу
  • Laptop body repair
  • Replacement of webcam in laptop